Biography of Mohammad Mehdi Araqi

Mohammad Mehdi Hajj Ibrahim Araqi was born in 1930 in Tehran. He was a committed and combatant Muslim who accompanied Fadaeiyan (Devotees) of Islam in August of 1941, bringing him imprisonment and two times of exile. He also strenuously participated in the movement for nationalization of oil industry led by Mohammad Mosaddeq and Ayatollah Kashani. He accompanied Fadaeiyan of Islam in their plan for revolutionary execution of Hassan Ali Mansour and so was sentenced to life imprisonment. Araqi was released after 13 years of imprisonment in the months leading to victory of the Islamic Revolution. Then, he departed for France, visited Imam Khomeini and accompanied him on his flight to Iran. Subsequent to victory of the Revolution he was appointed the head of Qasr Prison. Eventually, he who was a devoted soldier for Imam Khomeini and the Revolution did not remain safe from the hatred of the hypocrites and was martyred, besides his son Hesam, by Forqan terrorist group and buried besides Hazrat Masoumeh Holy Shrine. In his message on the occasion of Araqi’s martyrdom, Imam Khomeini said, Araqi must be martyred. Death in bed did not deserve him.


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