Ayatollah Morteza Motahari Prior to the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Morteza Motahari was political prisoner in Joint Committee of Savak.

Ayatollah Morteza Motahari was born in 1299 A.H. in Fariman, Khorasan Province.

He was interested in learning during his childhood and had a great talent. When he was 12 years old, he learnt the preliminary of Islamic Sciences, logic, philosophy and Islamic jurisprudence in Mashhad. A few years later Martyr Motahari went to Qom and became familiar with Late Imam Khomeini(Rh). After coming to Tehran in 1959, professor Motahari began his scientific and political combats with last Satan Regime, so he was arrested for his lecture against Shah in 1963. After that his name remained in the minds as one of the opposed of regime.

The awareness of young generation was an important aim of Martyr Motahari and he has written so many books about it including “Dastan-e Rastan” which was introduced as the best book on 1965 by the International Organization of UNESCO.

This great professor also had a special role in the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, which was led by Late Imam Khomeini(Rh).

Finally the enemies of Islam martyred him in 1979. Therefore, the day of his martyrdom was called as “Teacher Day”.

“Honored his memory and name”.

There are many valuable books, which is written by this great professor, Martyr Morteza Motahari, including:

1-Divine Justice

2-Repulsion and Attraction of Imam Ali (Pbuh)

3-A commentary on Nahj-ul Balaqah

4-Dastan-e Rastan

5-Mutual Services of Iran & Islam (in two volumes)

6-Islamic Movements in Recent Century

7-Imam Mahdi’s (Pbuh) Revolution from view point of History Philosophy

8-Principles of Philosophy & Realism

9-Ten Words

10-Twenty Words

11-Philosophical Essays


13-Revelation & Prophecy

14-Man & Faith

15-Man & Destiny

16- Woman’s Rights in Islam

17-The problem of Veil

18-Illiterate Prophet

19-End of Prophecy

20-Invisible relief in man’s life

21-Sun of Religion never set

22-Reasons of Materialism

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