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1978 The Fight for Victory

People's protests resulted into the breakdown of the regime which despite its foreign support couldn't stand the opposition. The happenings of 1978 show an increase in people's power and a lessening in the regime's authority. Regime's desperation was evident in its constant attempts in changing the government and in imposing a Martial Law in the country's major cities. Shah's attempts in regaining the authority were unsuccessful and people's massacre on September 8 at Jaleh square and November 4 at Tehran University made the people feel disinclined to the regime more than ever.

Imam had gained the support of the Arrny and therefore prevented the Army's confrontation with the demonstrators. The commanders of the military had lost their authority and had asubmassive position in confronting the people. Shah eventually left the country on January16 claiming that he was leaving for a medical treatment. Imam Khomeini returned to the country on February 1, after fifteen years of exile. Imam's return showed the inevitability of the revolution. The Islamic Revolution claimed victory ten days later on February 11.


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