Thursday 10/20/2016 Conditions of forced labor camps in Germany were much better than this prison

"Conditions of forced labor camps in Germany is much better than this prison at the time of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi". Expressed by "Young German visitor "
On Wednesday October 19th 2016 ,we met a young German visitor who had chosen to visit former Anti-sabotage joint committee of SAVAK (Secret Police of Pahlavi regime).
He told us about his feeling during his visit. He said:converting this terrible prison to the public museum is very important issue.These days lots of Iranian young generations may come here and get familiar with the past and history of their country.
At the time of visiting the ward of "well-known characters" he expressed surprising when saw pictures of former prisoners he announced that no  one accept torturing a high educated professor due to his opinion but these kind of actions have been done at this prison.
This German visitor stated: I have seen different forced labor camps in Germany which have been converted to museums right now and  none of them are at the same level of Anti-sabotage joint committee of SAVAK. The conditions of those camps were much better than this prison.
At the end of visiting he told us, when I visited Ebrat museum of Iran, I felt the history of Islamic revolution has mutual parts with revolution of Germans in 1989.


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