Saturday 9/24/2016 The statue of Martyr Ayatollah Mahdi Shah-Abadi unveiled
On the second day of Holly Defense Week, in memory of the great Martyr Ayatollah Mahdi Shah-Abadi & the unveiling the statue of this religious freedom fighter, a ceremony was held at former anti sabotage joint committee of secret police of Pahlavi dynasty regime called Savak, which has been converted to Ebrat Museum of Iran.
At this commemoration the former Muslim political prisoners, the family of Ayatollah Shah-Abadi and the visitors of museum were participated.
At the beginning Mr. Hassan pour, the manager of Ebrat Museum of Iran appreciated audience for participating  in this ceremony. He expressed  the life style and campaign of Ayatollah Shah-Abdi.
Then Mr. Tabrizi the researcher of history of Iran explained  the fighting processes and analysis SAVAK's documents about Martyr Ayatollah Shah-Abadi.

Mr. Saeed  Shah-Abadi the great son of Ayatollah Shah-Abadi was the next spokesman. He narrated his memories about his father.
Mr. Besharati was the next person who talked about Assistance to the needy people by Ayatollah Shah-Abadi.
At the end of commemoration ceremony. The statue of ayatollah Shah-Abadi was unveiled by his family ,while the journalists & reporters and other guests were presenting in solitary cell.
Ayatollah Shah-Abadi was born on 1930. He went to seminary when he was 14 years old. He lost his father at 1949 as the father was the teacher of morality and Imam Khomeini was one of the students of his class.
The first time when Ayatollah Shah-Abadi was arrested he was 23. On 1963 he signed a remonstrance letter about supporting Imam Khomeini.
He was arrested for the second time on 1973 and his crime was mentioned as supporting the family of political prisoners.
He was arrested again on 1974 and 1975. He was taken to anti sabotage joint committee of SAVAK.
After victory of Islamic revolution he became Member of Parliament.
He went to the resistance front when the war between Iran & Iraq had begun.
Finally he was  martyred  at battle field and became famous Martyr at the history of Iran.


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