Wednesday 6/28/2017 Explosion of the office of Islamic Republic Party

Sunday, June 28, 1981
Explosion of the office of Islamic Republic Party
Statement of the the Ebrat  Museum of Iran on the occasion of the anniversary of the disaster of June 28, 1981

Although 28 June 1981 was a day Iranian nation missed Martyr Beheshti, called to be nation for our nation, and 72 of his revolutionary companions, but also was a day revealing the true face of subversive hypocrites more than ever and consolidating the integrity of Islamic Revolution. At such a day, Martyr Beheshti and host of other members of Islamic Republic Party were to convene at the headquarters of the party in Sarcheshmeh, Tehran, but hypocrites that knew no other logic than terror and violence blew up a bomb to martyr Ayatollah Beheshti and 72 of his companions, all officials occupying high-ranking posts. The oppressed Martyr Beheshti was a pioneer of the Islamic Movement and with his profound insight and understanding played a colorful role in cultural, scientific and struggle domains. He was an architect of the Islamic System who had a prominent role in preparation of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic system. His profound insight also caused him to found “Islamic Republic Party” in order to organize the activities of the clergies and pure Islamic flows. He was also charged with the headship of Iran’s Supreme Judicial System and exposed to slander and libel of counterrevolutionary and squalid flows, but never surrendered for the sake of Islamic goals of Imam Khomeini and Islamic Republic system. In his message on the occasion of Ayatollah Beheshti’s martyrdom Imam Khomeini said, “Martyr Beheshti lived an oppressed life and was a thorn in the eyes of the enemies.”


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