Wednesday 6/28/2017 Attempt on life of Ayatollah Khamenei

Saturday, June 27, 1981
Attempt on life of Ayatollah Khamenei
Statement of the Ebrat  Museum of Iran on the occasion of the anniversary of the assassination of the Supreme Leader :" Ayatollah Khamenei"

After the victory of Iranian Islamic Revolution, the World Arrogance’s conspiracies against the nascent Islamic system increased, among them was equipping and empowering counterrevolutionary groups and flows. These deviant groups which had taken advantage of chaotic situation of the early Revolution era and looted weapons and ammunition began bombing attacks all over Iran, assassinating revolutionary combatant clergies and even ordinary people, and martyring several valuable figures. One of these groups was Forqan subversive group with its eclectic and deviant thought which engaged in assassination of many prominent figures of the system inclusive of Lieutenant General Qarani, Martyr Motahari, Martyr Haj Mehdi Araqi, Ayatollah Qazi Tabatabai and Martyr Mofateh. On June 27, 1981, Imam’s representative to High Council of Defense and Friday Imam of Tehran Ayatollah Khamenei who was answering people’s questions in Abuzar Mosque, Tehran, was seriously injured on the right side of his body subsequent to an explosion of a sound bomb. In a remainder piece of the tape recorder in which the bomb had been concealed it had been written, “The Gift of Forqan Group”. After the explosion he was transferred to hospital to be operated on. It was Divine Providence to keep him alive for the future of the system and be placed among the honorable veterans of the Islamic Revolution. On the occasion of this failed attempt Imam Khomeini issued a message, “Thanks God for appointing the enemies of Islam from among stupid groups and individuals and thanks God that all their plots and conspiracies since the very early days of the glorious Islamic Revolution have backfired leading to more integrity and unity among Iranian devoted nation… they attempted to assassinate a figure whose call of invitation to goodness and rightness is resonating in the ears of Muslims of the world… I congratulate to you dear Khamenei who have served this oppressed nation whether in military clothing or clerical dress and I ask God to heal you for your further services to Islam and Muslims”.

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